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About Us 

​One of the main Healthcare caregivers in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah in the medical field Led by a medical team seeking one goal in mind, which is to provide integrated health care with the highest levels of proficiency and quality with humanity and ethics in one place

As Intermed Clinic, we aspire to be your first choice when searching for the best medical specialties

Our priority is patient care, and we provide high quality, reliable healthcare, state of the technologies and evidence based procedures 

Our clinic was created to provide the healthcare needs of the whole family

Whether your medical problem is simple or complex, our clinic can provide the best level of healthcare including consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and recovery support

Everything we do is driven by a providing of best practice care and our desire to put the health outcomes of our patients before anything else

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Our story

Since Intermed Clinics was established in 2018 as one of the main providers of care in the medical field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and led by a medical team consisting of 15 Saudi consultants,   proves its competence in the medical field and to develop and be distinguished by providing the latest and best services Today, under the supervision of a medical team consisting of more than 100 consultants  They are considered one of the most skilled consultants with the best international certificates from America, Europe and Canada, Intermed Clinic provides various specialized medical clinics in various fields medical to serve different cases and age groups.

  Trust is our foundation and we always strive to achieve our motto, which is to provide care you trust.

A message from our managing partner

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Intermed Clinic was established with the aim of providing exceptional and integrated healthcare services to our patients and their loved ones. We aspire to be the best medical complex in the region by providing patients with highly qualified trained doctors, covering all specialties under one roof


We believe that successful treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis, and our expert team takes the time to get it right. In other words, our team is keen to apply the best medical practices known today in order to provide our patients with the reliable care that they deserve


As family-oriented healthcare providers, our mission at Intermed Clinic is to provide compassionate, patient-centered care of the highest quality. The patient experience is very important to all staff at the clinic

So whether you are a patient, visitor or healthcare professional, we trust that your experience with our clinic is of the highest standard


On behalf of all our team members, we look forward to serving our guests and making their lives happy

Building the best medical center in the region to provide innovative and integrated medical services through our commitment to our mission and values.

Integrated health care for all family members and the first choice for a distinguished work environment.

  • Satisfaction : We feel satisfied with our accomplishments because what we do in our jobs aligns with our goals and dreams.

  • Honesty: We say and do what we believe in and trust in each other is a foundation in our personal, collective and organizational values.

  • Team: Working together towards achieving goals  and a common culture, genuinely caring about providing care not only to patients but working together to pursue our mission.

  • Responsibility: We take our work with a sense of responsibility and interest in accomplishing the work entrusted to us and helping others to accomplish their work in the best way, and we pledge to fulfill this commitment on a personal and practical level.

  • Quality: We seek continuity in understanding the requirements and needs of our patients, doctors and team members, and excellence in providing service through the Quality Development Program.

  • Happiness: We enjoy what we do because we feel that a pleasant environment provides better care for our patients while creating a better working environment for our teammates. We strive to excel happily.

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