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Family medicine and the elderly Clinic

The medical staff in the Department of Family Medicine and Geriatrics includes consultants who hold the best certificates from the largest international western universities with experience and highly qualified qualifications in diagnosing and providing personal care for various common medical conditions. Our medical staff cooperates with various other specialties to transfer the disease when needed to consultants who specialize in other sub-specialties. Services and therapeutic specialties in family medicine and the elderly:

  • Treatment of common diseases and different for all age groups

  • Symptomatic treatment of severe and intractable diseases

  • Improving and enhancing the quality of life of patients in cases of chronic diseases and advanced diseases

  • Alleviating physical and psychological suffering and supporting the patient and his family

  • Treatment of various tumors, including tumors (digestive system - urinary and reproductive system)

  • Home visits and services

  • Health education and prevention methods

  • Early detection of diseases

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