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Department of General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery includes a group of consultants with distinguished expertise, specialized competencies, and internationally qualified in providing complete and trustworthy care using the latest medical technologies by performing many different surgeries after conducting an examination and accurate diagnosis of the condition and performing surgeries according to the medical specialization and pathological condition. Services and therapeutic specialties in the Department of General Surgery:

  • General surgeries

  • Gallbladder and appendicitis operations

    Oncological surgery of the breast, colorectal

    Obesity surgeries (gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and gastric balloons)

  • Advanced gastrointestinal endoscopic surgeries (hiatal hernia, reflux, achalasia, gallbladder and gastric wall hernia)

  • Chest surgeries (lung tumors, esophageal and stomach tumors, diseases of the bronchi and rib cage

  • Endoscopic skull base surgeries

  • Excision of brain tumors

  • Excision of tumors of the spinal cord and spine

  • Vertebrae fixation operations

  • Diagnostic brain biopsy

  • Internal and external cerebral ventricular fluid drainage processes

  • Surgery to remove pressure from peripheral nerves

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