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Do you suffer from sleep disorders?

Sleep disturbance is one of the common diseases that affect the way you sleep, and it may be one of the diseases that may greatly affect your health and productivity. A decrease or deprivation of sleep may lead to more serious side effects that may affect the performance of daily tasks.

There are some symptoms and indications of a disturbance in your sleep quality:

  • extreme sleepiness during the day

  • Excessive movement during sleep

  • breathing disorders

  • Difficulty falling asleep quickly or not sleeping

  • interrupted sleep

  • Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome causes discomfort and an urge to move your legs as you try to fall asleep

Can a sleep disorder be treated?

Yes, and the method of treatment used depends on the diagnosis of the specialist doctor, conducting a sleep test, and following the treatment plan tailored to your health condition.

What are the best treatments for sleep disorders

  • Do a sleep test Psychotherapy

  • Pharmacotherapy

  • Treatment of respiratory and thoracic problems

This department includes a highly qualified medical staff

The most qualified consultants who hold the best international certificates in this specialty provide and diagnose cases related to sleep disorders.

Our medical staff from various fields and specialties seek to cooperate with each other not only to provide better health care, but to provide a better health experience.

Intermed Clinic is your place for the integrated care for you and your family

Meet our Doctors at Pulmonary and Sleep Disorder:

Prof.Siraj Wali -

Professor in Pulmonary and sleep medicine

Dr.Faris Alhejaily-

Professor in Pulmonary and sleep medicine


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