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Migraine: Causes, treatment, types, and symptoms

Migraine usually affects half of the head, and it is one of the chronic diseases, and it manifests itself in frequent cases of headaches accompanied by physical and psychological phenomena.

The main symptoms of migraine are ⬇️:

  • The pain usually begins on one side of the head, but it may sometimes move to the other side and gradually increase in intensity within hours

  • Sometimes the headache is accompanied by nausea

  • Increased sensitivity to stimuli (such as light, noise, and smell)

  • The patient prefers to lie down and be quiet until the seizure is over

  • The attack may be accompanied by a feeling of fatigue, thirst or excessive urination, paleness, sweating, hunger, or lack of appetite.

  • poor focus

The real cause of migraine is still unknown and not completely clear, but it is one of the stimulating causes of migraine ⬇️

  • Genetic reasons

  • external stimuli

The most common triggers for a seizure are ⬇️

  • Tiredness or weakness

  • Hypersomnia

  • Fasting and irregular eating in skipping some meals

  • Drinking caffeine and alcoholic beverages

  • changes in atmospheric pressure

Migraine Headache: Care Instructions ⬇️

  • Not taking too many pain relievers unless necessary

  • Reduce caffeine intake

  • Reducing and dealing with stress

  • Make sure to get enough rest

  • Do regular physical activity

  • Make sure to make the sleeping environment comfortable

One of the available treatment methods for migraine or migraine is Botox injections, which benefit a large number of patients and have side effects.

Most of the indicators may be symptoms of other diseases, so it is always important to consult a specialist doctor and perform the necessary tests to ensure your safety.

So, in the event that you suffer from migraine, book your appointment with your specialist doctor

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