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Polycystic ovaries, its symptoms and causes

Ovarian cyst occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance , which may lead to problems in the ovaries. This disorder may lead to a defect in the development of the egg during the ovulation period.

The causes of polycystic ovaries are many and different, and some of them may be unknown, but there are some factors that may contribute to the infection of ovarian cysts, including:

🔸Insulin resistance


🔸 Family history or genetic disease

🔸High levels of androgen

One of the most important symptoms and indicators of the possibility of ovarian cyst, including: ⤵️

🔸 irregular periods

🔸Unintentional weight gain

🔸Increased hair growth rate, especially in the face and chest

🔸Frequent appearance of acne


How is polycystic ovaries treated?

Depending on your health condition and the diagnosis of the specialist doctor, there are many ways to treat ovarian cysts, including:

🔸healthy diet plans

🔸Balance hormones with medications prescribed by a doctor 🔸In some cases, the doctor may resort to surgical intervention

🔸Some herbs can also be used to help control ovarian cysts

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