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Tinnitus causes and methods of treatment

Tinnitus, or what is also called ringing in the ears, is an internal sound that causes disturbance to the affected person. This noise comes from the ear or head.

A person with tinnitus may hear whistling sounds in their ears. Tinnitus may be caused by another ear problem.

There are many causes for tinnitus, including:

🔸Ear injury


🔸Earwax buildup

🔸Meniere's disease

🔸Head injuries

How is tinnitus diagnosed?

Tinnitus is diagnosed by the following tests 👂🏻⤵️

🔸Hearing tests

🔸Imaging examinations

Diagnosing the ear may require imaging tests, such as:

Computed tomography.


🔸blood tests

A blood sample may be taken to look for certain health problems, such as:

Thyroid problems.


heart disease.

Deficiency in some types of vitamins.

Is it possible to treat tinnitus?

Tinnitus is treated based on the diagnosis of the health condition by the specialist

🔸In case of accumulation of wax, the ear is cleaned of wax by water or wax suction

🔸Treating the infection with antibiotics in the case of an ear infection

🔸In the event of a tumor, the specialist doctor may resort to surgery to remove the tumor

🔸Hearing aids can also be used in case of hearing loss

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